Five 2019 Match Play Champions Crowned

WOMEN’S DIVISION: Deeble and Darrington went straight into the championship round this morning. Each player brought their best game in hopes to take home the championship trophy. The round went into a two hole play-off where Darrington finished one up.

 MEN’S DIVISION: Ranger Downs and Hunter Ostrom went into a play-off in their morning semi-final round where Downs took the win on the first hole with a birdie. Keynan Fanslow played Greg Law in the semi-finals where Fanslow had a great round ending five up with four to play.

 Downs and Fanslow played a tough afternoon match where it was back and forth until the end. Spectators gathered to see who would come out as the champion. In the end Fanslow finished the last hole 1 up to take the champion title.

 MENS 40+ DIVISION: Dale Johnson played Darren Kuhn. Kuhn was up three going into the final six holes which he thought would be enough to keep his lead until the end, but Johnson came back to win one up on the last hole.

SENIOR MEN’S DIVISION: In the semi-final round of the Senior Men’s Division Jay Sutton had a close round with Bret Rupert, but a few three putts gave Rupert the lead he needed to finish two up with one to play. Robert Mauer and Bruce Robinett also played in the morning, and it was another close round that went through to the last hole where Mauer finished one up.

Maurer and Rupert played for the championship title in the afternoon going four holes into a play-off where Rupert finally got the victory. “What a way to win! It was a fun match to play” said Maurer.

SUPER SENIOR MEN’S DIVISION: Robert Hafer and Ray Shervik went into their championship round this morning and each brought their best competition. Both players were neck and neck for the entirety of their round until the last hole where Shervik ended one up giving him the victory.

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