Match Play Day One 2019

 WOMEN’S DIVISION: Eight Women competed this morning, and four went on to the semifinals. Karen Darrington beat opponent Shawna Ianson five up with four to play. Kaitlynn Deeble competed against Abby Black four up with three to play. Deeble and Darrington will be going head-to-head tomorrow morning for the Match Play Championship title.

 MEN’S DIVISION: The men’s division was stacked with competition there were three play-off rounds for competitors going into the semi-finals. In the end four came out on top. Keawea Soares won in a play-off during his first round to earn him a spot in the top eight bracket. Soares lost to Ranger Downs who beat him six up with five to play.

 MENS 40+ DIVISION: Four men played in the 40+ division today and the competition was fierce to earn a semi-finals spot. Dale Johnson beat Steve Judy five up with three to play. Michael Conger beat Darren Kuhn six up with five to play.

 SENIOR MEN’S DIVISION: With 16 players in the field all qualifier players earned a spot in the first round of the Match Play. Jay Sutton beat Bob Ianson three up with two to play. Bret Rupert beat Mark Spalding six up with four to play. Robert Maurer beat Fran Matthias one up. Bruce Robbinett beat Rod Skyles three up with two to play.

SUPER SENIOR MEN’S DIVISION: Four Super Senior Men tee’d off for the first round of the match play. Bob Lutz and Robert Hafer went to a play-off to earn a spot in the semi-finals, and Robert Hafer won on the second hole. Ray Shervik won three up with two left against Russ Peterson.

 Tomorrow begins another 36 hole day. Seven pairings will tee off in the morning to narrow down the field for the second round of the day.

Men 40+:
Senior Men:
Super Senior Men: