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The IGA relies on a large network of volunteers for assistance in administering the game of golf. These are the men and women who serve as handicap chairpersons, rate golf courses, and assist in conducting championships.

IGA volunteers do not receive any compensation. They simply volunteer to give their time back to the game that has touched them in one way or another.


Championship & Junior Tour Volunteers

Live Scoring
Volunteers will use an iPad to post scores from each group traditionally at "the turn" or by following a group for the entirety of the round. 

The starter issues each player a copy of the Notice to Players and Hole Location Sheet, and calls to the attention any additional conditions players should be aware of.  

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For more information on how to become a tournament or junior tour volunteer contact:



Want to become a certified USGA/PGA Rules Official and support the Idaho Golf Association?

The IGA reimburses the cost of attendance, $350, to any individual who attends a 3.5 day USGA/PGA Rules of Golf Workshop, makes the passing score of 75, and is willing to work 3 days each year assisting with IGA State Championships or USGA qualifiers.


Course Rating Volunteers

The IGA rates golf courses in accordance with the USGA Course and Slope Rating System. The IGA Course Rating team is comprised of IGA staff and groups of trained volunteers throughout the various regions of Southern Idaho. 

Becoming a course rater is is both a challenging and rewarding experience. Our course raters take part in 10-15 course ratings per year.

Here is a step by step process of becoming a course rater:

Attend a Course Rating Seminar: Each course rater in the IGA attends a course rating seminar annually that is put on by IGA staff and volunteers. These are typically 4-6 hours in length and usually followed up by a course rating the next day. The cost is $25. It is a requirement for new raters to attend at least one seminar before being allowed to be a part of a rating team.

Attend a Course Rating as a Trainee: Once you have attended a seminar, you will be paired up with one of our on course rating trainers at a course rating, where that trainer will walk you through rating steps and procedures. A rating is a full 8 hour day in most cases, where the course is rated by a team in the morning, and then played by the team in the afternoon to verify the collected data, as well as being a perk of volunteering.

Continue Rating Courses with help: Continuing to rate courses as regularly as possible is extremely important. As is the case with most things, performing ratings is the best way to get better at the process. Raters continue to receive training and help when needed. Members of the IGA Course Rating Team have the opportunity to travel all over the state to do ratings (and play a
little golf). We typically perform between 10 and 15 ratings per year. We also reimburse
travel expenses to support our raters in their training and rating.

For more on the course rating process, visit the course rating page here.


For more information on how to become a course rating volunteer contact Caleb Cox:

208.342.4442 ext. 105