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Developed in 1981 at the request of state and regional golf associations, the USGA’s GHIN service has grown to become the largest handicap computation provider in the world, serving more than 2.1 million golfers representing 73 golf associations and more than 12,700 golf clubs in 43 states, 4 U.S. territories and 4 foreign countries. GHIN is offered exclusively through state and regional golf associations, federations and unions as a service for their member clubs to assist in meeting the policies of the USGA Handicap System™, which enables all golfers to compete on a relatively equal basis.


Transfer Scores - effortlessly transfer scores from each home club using the GHIN National Network
Internet Score Posting - access your account anywhere the internet is available
E-Revisions - updates emailed straight to the player
Accuracy - up-to-date course rating information in national database ensures proper handicaps